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Its that time again where we go for a photo walk around my most fave place on Earth - Akihabara ^o^
Today we visit places such as Hobby Tengoku, Sega Game center, Toranoana, Animate, Don Quijote, Melon Books (newly opened 2号店), Sofmap, Kotobukiya, Yodobashi, Culture Zone Akihabara, other small stores and the Yanagimori Shrine. We also bump into the Kanda Matsuri festival too.

As for the first photo - will talk more about the shenanigans that I got up to in a separate post ^o^

To get to Akihabara, just get off at JR Akihabara station and get out at the Electronic Town exit - this is what will greet your mince pies.

How many of you watching Uta no Prince Sama and who is your fave dude?

The Volks Hobby Tengoku store - get off at the Electronic Town Exit but turn right after the ticket barrier to get here.

Hobby Stock Asuna goodies.

Say sayonara to roneriness - pick up a 2D girlie of your choice with these dakimakura and pillow cases.

K-ON force still strong.

I want more Valkyria games!

Kos Mos and her big...guns.

Looking forward to the Girls Und Panzer movie. How many of you enjoyed the series?

Who is your fave Dollfie out of this bunch? Mine is Aoi-chan.

Sonico gets the Ichiban Kuji treatment.

The lovely ladies of Momoclo.

Sailor Moon gets the S.H.Figarts treatment.

Mixed bunch O figures.

Cuties from the eroge Ojonana [お嬢様はご機嫌ナナメ]

Idolmaster goodies.

Anime tapestries - Oreimo, Madoka and Aimasu.

1/1 scale Asuka.

Now in Don Quijote.

When in Don Quijote - make sure you look up at the ceiling too.

Asuka eye patch.

Asuka shaves it seems.

Load of Nendoroids.

Stack O figures at the Kotobukiya store.

Knight Sword Umbrella.

It says "Free Entry"

Melon Books - for all your doujin needs.

Rilakkuma glasses stand.

Moe cuties now employed to sell you broadband.

Voice actress magazines available too.

So many cuties in Akihabara ^o^

Lovely X Cation 2 illustrated by Iizuki Tasuku-sensei ^o^

PSP still very strong.

Anime magazines.

Whats up Shinji?

More 1/1 scale Evangelion figures - which do you choose to have at your entrance?

More dakimakura covers to keep you company at night.

Akihabara by night - gorgeous.

Yanagimori Shrine [柳森神社] located below.

Catching some of the Kanda Matsuri.

Right outside the doll store DOLK.

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