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Iron Man 3 Review

Sat 2013/04/27 17:18 JST

Iron Man 3 [アイアンマン3] came out in Japan yesterday and I'd thought I go and see it with a few readers at Kawazaki Lazona. Posted a note on Facebook and folks from America, Malaysia, Germany, India, Netherlands, Canada and Singapore came along. Was great to meet so many new comrades!

As for Iron Man 3 - was pretty awesome packed with a load of scenes that give you the "I wish I was Iron Man" feeling ^^; I do occasionally check up on Ebay but have never been able to find a decent looking suit that you can actually move about it.

I've loved the Iron Man series since the first instalment and have really enjoyed how the suit evolves through each movie. The new suit is awesome but I wont spoilt it for you by saying more as I didn't see any of the new capabilities in any of the trailers. Japanese trailer below.

I generally try to avoid 3D movies after watching the latest Transformers movie - I could not work out if something was transforming or exploding - was so confusing to watch ^^; But the only showing of Iron Man yesterday was the IMAX 3D showing and turned out to be pretty decent.

Bits which I enjoyed from the movie (clips can be seen in the trailer) is when all the poor souls fall out of the plane and when the zillion variations of the Iron Man suit appear on the scene. If you liked the first 2 movies then I dont think the 3rd will disappoint - just make sure you stay until the end of the credits!


Clear Files are all the rage in Japan and they were handing out free Iron Man ones to everybody who watched the movie. If you are wondering about the Iron Man Nendoroid in this photo - details here.

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One thing is for sure however - Hot Toys are going to be busy producing the zillion types of Iron Man suits that appear in the movie and it looks like they have already started.

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