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Kanji Poster

Sat 2013/04/27 14:56 JST

Are you in need of a kanji poster to stick on the wall so that you can absorb the lingo even more? If the answer is "you bet" then you would be in luck because you can get your grubby mitts on this full color first grade kanji tapestry wall scroll for free (0yen) with any purchase of Moekanji from the AmiAmi website.
Furthermore they are taking pre-orders of Moekanji for 1,960 yen which is more than 500 yen off the retail price. The rock bottom low yen right now also makes it a great time to buy.

This photo is of the material sample that arrived the other day. The real version will have bars at the top and bottom just like this for you to hang it up.


A closer look at the material. This is the list of kanji which covers the first grade - learn from the cards and then from the scroll too. You can do what I did when I was learning Japanese - I had one in the toilet so that I could do my mineral deposit and learn at the same time ^^;


Size of the tapestry is about 33cm x 14cm and features the illustration of Mirai Suenaga by Koizumi Amane-sensei and Moekana/Moekanji illustrator Ikkyuu-sensei.


Remember - this tapestry is free with all purchases of Moekana only from AmiAmi!


If you still dont know what Moekanji is then read all about the Japanese kanji learning product.

If you are not bothered about the tapestry then you can order from any of the following trusted online retailers.


Thanks to everybody who has already pre-ordered Moekanji - over 10,000 pre-orders so far!
I hope you enjoy learning kanji from Moekanji just as much as my team and I enjoyed developing it.


My previous Japanese learning product Moekana has been selling well of late too - I think its because you need knowledge of Hiragana to be able to learn from Moekanji. Another reason is probably because folks would rather fill up their order with something decent before its shipped.
You can check out more about Moekana here.

Tokyo · CEO Mirai Inc

Director for Culture Japan. Creator of Mirai Suenaga. Member of the Japanese governments METI CIIC.


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