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Cu-poche Haruka Amami

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2013/04/03 11:08 JST In Figures
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Due out later this week is Haruka Amami [天海春香] - the first figure in the new series by Kotobukiya called Cu-Poche [キューポッシュ].
I managed to nab one from their warehouse to take a look and give you my verdict before she's out and I can tell you that she is a bundle of fun!

Haruka comes with a load of Idolmaster goodies.

Angel Haruka cute!

The head is the same size as a Nendoroid but the body is larger with more joints which allow you to create a wider variety of poses.

The base that the Cu-Poche come with is metal and they have magnets in their feet...

...meaning that she can just about do a Michael Jackson.

They do come with a stand but the magnetic feet and base means that for most of the time you can live without it.

You can even do poses like this ^^;

Haruka is my fave Idolmaster girl. So cute ><

And here are the magnets.

Yep! They can even stick to yer fridge!

Have only recently been collecting fridge magnets - but forget to pick them up sometimes ><

Neck has a wide movement range too so that they can look up at you.

Back of box.

And here are the instructions.

All the parts can be put in the bag thats included.

What do you want the next Mirai Suenaga figure to be?

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So cute!
Anyway, if you are interested in getting you hands on one then check out the following trusted online retailers. Retail price is 3,675 yen.


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