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Spent time with the pop rock band flumpool on one of their previous tours - if you watched Season 1 of my other TV show Japan Mode then the following photos will seem familiar.
Flumpool is an immensely popular band in Japan - their music and posters are all over the place. Since their first single Hana ni Nare back in 2008, they have released a ton of singles and albums which you can check out in their Discography.

Check them out in action below.

For the flumpool special, I spent time with the folks who manage the sound, lighting, equipment and visuals. They especially put a lot of effort into the visuals which are quite stunning and really compliment the music and atmosphere in the hall.

When I was younger, artists that I would go see perform include Kylie Minogue and Nishida Hikaru. These days, the only time I get to peek at concerts are the ones at Anime Festival Asia and Anime Expo while I'm back stage ><

As for music - most of the stuff I listen too these days is jazz internet radio stations like Jazz.fm.

What concerts have you been attending of late and what music are you listening to of late that you recommend to your comrades?

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