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CJ Night Penang

Fri 2013/03/15 10:24 JST

On the 5th of January 2013, we held the very first Culture Japan Night in Penang Malaysia. It was held just after CJ Night Kuala Lumpur so I didn't expect that many to come - maybe about 25 people?
How wrong could I have been? After a recount we discovered that the Penang attendance was the largest ever at just over 1000 comrades - thank you all so much for coming!

This time we collaborated with Penang Global Tourism who arranged for the event to be held at Gurney Paragon which is located at Gurney Drive.

We had a most awesome time - cosplayers, doujin tables, doll displays, dolls, figures, TCG, mirai goodies and more. The event was covered by national press and has opened up many eyes in the industry who are keen on getting more Japanese culture to the locals.

I'm currently working with Penang Global Tourism on organising another event on a larger scale for this year. The theme will be Japanese lifestyle and pop culture - if you love anime, cosplay, manga and Japan then this would be the event to attend. It will be fan focused so that you can spend time with the celebrities and industry guests.
You tell me what seiyuu, anisong artists, celeb cosplayers you want and we will do our best to bring em in!

If all goes well then the event will be rolled out worldwide. Am still thinking of a name for the event so throw ideas at me if you have any.
The event will also promote other anime events in the region with the aim of helping to grow the anime industry overseas so expect to see events like AFA, Anime Expo, Comic Fiesta, Animangaki etc being given exposure too.

The following polls will help me understand what sort of content you want. No guarantees as the celebs have their schedules and priorities but will do our best.

Which Anisong artist do you most want?

Which Celeb Cosplayer do you most want?

Which artist would you most like to meet?

What is the *main* reason you attend anime events?

What do you dislike the most about anime events?

How important is it to have JPOP artists?

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Tokyo · CEO Mirai Inc

Director for Culture Japan. Creator of Mirai Suenaga. Member of the Japanese governments METI CIIC.


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