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Jiyugaoka in the Winter

Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2013/03/01 21:33 JST In Places to visit in Japan
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Have I been bombarding you with a load of up n coming [pcat=anime]anime releases[/pcat] of late? If you feel that the answer is "you bet" then this is for you - a photo walk of the Jiyugaoka [自由が丘] neighbourhood in Tokyo.

Voted the 2nd most wanted to live in area in Tokyo, Jiyugaoka is a commercial district surrounded by a residential area. If you visit the area, you will get a slice of Japanese life by not only experiencing the many restaurants, apparel and zakka stores but also the residential area too where you can see the various types of Japanese architecture.

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Jiyugaoka station is located on the Oimachi-line [大井町線] and the Toyoko-line [東横線]. If you are visiting Tokyo for the first time then it will probably be easier for you to take the Toyoko-line from Shibuya station.
Once at Jiyugaoka, all you have to do is start wandering around. I got another full write up of a previous visit to Jiyugaoka in this post.

The note above the mobile phones mention that you can take as many as you want for free - they are old models and rather than throw away, they would like you to have them instead. They are just display models though.

Hiragana poster! If you want to learn hiragana then pick up some Moekana available worldwide.

Somebody is watching you.

Jiyugaoka - where you can experience the traditional too.


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