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Thailand Game Show

Posted by Danny Choo On Thu 2013/01/31 17:51 JST In Anime Events
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Photo coverage of the Thailand Game Show that took place between Jan 11 and 13th. I only knew of the existence of the Tokyo Game Show but never knew of the Thailand Game Show.

The Thailand Game Show has been running for quite a number of years now and is organised by celebrity Pongsuk Hiranprueck. Previous guests include Jam Project. This years Japan guest was me ^^;

While TGS does have some console game coverage, most of it is PC games - and a lot of that being League of Legends. I still have not got into PC gaming yet but I've been looking for a way for me to play online games with my readers. At the moment I try to get regular time with my PS Vita, PS3 or Xbox - but all of them have a friend limit.

There was quite a presence of Japanese anime in the form of cosplay and booths selling merchandise. Through our booth at TGS this year, we discovered that there was a high demand for Japanese content.

Comrades at HIVE were involved in some of the planning and they recommended me as a guest to Pongsuk which is why I was at TGS. I was asked to give a talk on MICE which is a strategy that many governments are trying to utilize to increase tourism. Through attending various events around the world and being involved in the planning of such events like Anime Expo and AFA, I gave some insight into what organisations should be doing to build their MICE experience.

The following video is of me reporting on Thailand's TV show "Japan Bravo" about TGS.

Anyway, I'm going to leave you with the rest of the photo coverage below - thanks to Akibatan for taking some of these for us!

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More photos of our booth and info about our cosplayers lives here. Also thanks to Akibatan for taking some of these photos.


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