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Comic Fiesta Mirai Fanart

Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2013/08/30 13:14 JST In Anime Events
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Its that time of the year again where Malaysia's largest ACG event Comic Fiesta (CF) begins its 100 Day Countdown!

Well it hasn't actually begin yet - its just been announced that participants can choose to draw any of the CF mascots and include Mirai Suenaga in their submission.

Entries will start to be uploaded to the Comic Fiesta official facebook 100 days before the event this December the 21st and 22nd.

Comic Fiesta knows their artists well and just like last year, I'll ask them to select 20 folks who do decide to draw Mirai and invite them all on stage again to receive a goodie bag. Last year it was a Moekana T-shirt but I'll be including more stuff too - not sure what yet as we are still making a bunch of new stuff ^^

All entries that are submitted will be featured on Culture Japan Season 3 due to be broadcast from April 2014 in Japan, across the globe and on 8TV in Malaysia. There will be one episode that focuses on Japanese ACG events in Malaysia which include CF and CJC.

Landscape illustrations will make it easier for us to display your work but portrait also can lah. Details of Mirai's various uniforms can be found on her page.

When you submit your entries to CF, make sure your name and link is stated as we will use that to display next to your artwork in the broadcast. All artwork belongs to you and all we do is to highlight it.

And here are all the submissions that included Mirai-chan last year!

First up is some Gangnam shenanigans by artist KaiE
Website: &

Artist: Kaze-Hime

Artist: 喜薇

Artist: AC

Artist: Alvin Chow

Artist: Sakurai Kaito

Artist: Maru Lee

Artist: Kuehsy 懸之越映

Artist: Chiaki-Chan

Artist: Yurkary 素羽

Artist: 戈薇

Artist: Adiosu Mura

Artist: TwoTonneTuna

Artist: Osamau 八葉草

Artist: Troy

Artist: Bowlfish

All artwork will be displayed in the Comic Fiesta for all to see.

While I'm at it - I'd like to thank all those who left a doodle on the art wall at the Culture Japan booth!

We hunt for Mirai fanart that has been tagged "Mirai Suenaga" on Pixiv and Deviantart and pin them on Pinterest - if you have Mirai fanart - make sure its on either one of those sites and tag it properly ^^


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