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Comic Fiesta 2012

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2013/01/21 23:29 JST In Anime Events
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And here is the coverage of the exhibition hall at Comic Fiesta - Malaysia's longest standing ACG (Anime Comics Games) event that takes annually in December.
It was my first time attending CF and was surprised to see just how huge it was in terms of space and attendees. CF had a load of guests which included RedJuice and Bless4.

I also brought along a couple of names in the anime industry including Bushiroad and Good Smile Company. If I'm still alive this December then I'll be sure to attend again and make sure that I bring in more Japanese content and wot not.

Studio Omoshiro made a nice Comic Fiesta x Culture Japan intro for us which you can take a gander at below.

Together with RedJuice-sensei! This post contains more photos like this taken in the guest room.

The good looking lads and ladies of Bless4.

And photos of my booth are in a separate post which lives here.

Thank you to all who came to listen to my talk!

OK - I'm going off to prepare the other backlog of photo posts and leave you with the wall of photos. Other Comic Fiesta related photo posts listed up below and the Comic Fiesta Facebook has other coverage too.


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