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Shinjuku in the Winter

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2012/12/17 06:23 JST In Places to visit in Japan
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Continuing the "Japan in the Winter" series of photos. Today we take a look at the commercial district of Shinjuku. Here you will find a load of offices, restaurants, underground malls and shops.
Shinjuku used to be my hub when I first arrived in Japan. I used to take the Seibu Shinjuku line from Shinjuku out to Higashi Fushimi [東伏見] where we used to stay.

First photo is of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building where you can go up to the observatory deck for free and take photos. They dont allow tripods though.

Get off at Shinjuku station on one of the many lines including the JR Yamanote.

Folks lining up to buy a lottery ticket. We buy lottery from time to time too - have won a couple of thousand yen from time to time ^^;
How many of you pick up lottery tickets?

When Krispy Kreme first opened in Japan, the queues would go on forever.

At this time of year the city is filled with Christmas decorations.

Looks like quite a few of you are Evangelion fans - but exactly how many of you?

You is being Evangelion fan?

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Your fave Eva character is...

After watching the Hobbit, I'll have more lines to say then just "My Precioussssss."

How many of you have seen the movie already and how was it?

The Hobbit was....

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Wear a Japanese food sample about your person.

I think thats the NTT building.

"First Kitchen" and "Fast Kitchen" is pronounced exactly the same in Japanese.

"The Big Issue" newspapers are also sold here in Japan by the homeless folks.

Toranoana Shinjuku branch.

There is a lot of psychology going on here outside this chemist - the layout and colours. Can you guess what they are before I talk about it in a separate post?

Conveyor belt sushi can be identified with the kanji [回転寿司] (kaiten sushi).

Note the Negishi [ねぎし] sign top left corner at 3F - this is the most delicious yakiniku restaurant chain in Japan by my books. Meat is grillled and brought to you in a set meal. You must try. Its available all over Japan.

In restaurants like these, you'll find cooks making noodle near the window side to attract passer-by.

Arcade exclusive figures.

Now on the West side of Shinjuku.

A load of card game oriented game machines designed to take money from little kids.

Over 200 Gacha filled with goodies.

I love that Kirino illustration!

Yep - Starbucks is everywhere in Japan too.

Shinjuku West exit is where you want to head to see all the skyscrapers.

Heading up the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building observation deck.

Great views of Tokyo from up here.

You dont need to go to the Tokyo Sky Tree to get Sky Tree goodies ^^;

The evening sets into Shinjuku.

Try exploring some of the backstreets of Shinjuku - full of character and very Bladerunner-ish.

Looks like a movie set - but nope - just another day in Japan.

Yep - Gangnam Style influence in Japan too.

In Japan, we still use name seals called Inkan [印鑑].

Hyosatsu [表札] is the name given to the bit of plastic or wood with your name on it that you stick outside your house or office.

Studio Alta on the left - a popular meeting spot.

Bic Camera and Uniqlo get together and open Bicqlo - a mix of electronic products and apparel.

This is the store where you can buy durian ^^;

"Please sell your figures to us"
How many of you have bought second hand figures?

Bought second hand figures you have?

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