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Tamako Market [たまこまーけっと] is an upcoming original anime by Kyoto Animation [京都アニメーション] being directed by Yamada Naoko [山田尚子] (K-on!, K-on!!, K-on! (movie)) with the same team brought you the K-on! series.
Tamako Market will begin airing on Tokyo MX January 10th at 0:30 AM.

Kitashirakawa Tamako is a first year high school student who loves mochi and the shotengai she grew up in. While busy working at her family's mochi shop on New Years' Eve, an uppity talking bird suddenly shows up and moves in with her family.

Main Characters

Take a look at the official character page to see Takamo's family, neighbors, and other classmates.

Any of these characters tickle your fancy?

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There has not been any preview animation released yet, but you can keep an eye on the official Kyoani Youtube channel to see when one pops up.[/li]

These scans taken from yande.re. Follow the link for the full size scans!

The girls are soooo cute! but - if you change just the hairstyles of these characters then they kinda look exactly like 3 other familiar characters ^^;
But that cant be a bad thing can it?

I love cute anime girls and I love shotengai too - so this is most certainly on my watch list.

Tamako Market on your watch list?

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And here is the other popular Kyoani title K-ON with a few new faces ^^; The wallpaper of this image lives here.

A close up of one of those new faces ^^

And read this post to find out more about Shotengai before the anime starts - its always nice to know a bit about Japanese culture before watching a new show.

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