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Charlotte Dunois Figure

Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2012/12/11 16:50 JST In Figures
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Charlotte Dunois from Infinite Stratos - the cutest thing since sliced bread and now in bunny figure form thanks to Kotobukiya. This 1/7 scale figure was so poplar that they are currently taking pre-orders for a second production run so soon after she was initially released this October. The second run is due out next May. Retail price is 8,190 yen but you can get her discounted on some of the following trusted online retailers listed below.

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This figure is absolutely gorgeous - sculpt and paintwork is spot on and the sculpt really shows off her smexy form and sweet face too. Many figures only look good from a particular angle but look off from another - Charlotte looks great no matter where you are looking from. Stockings are just like the ones you've seen on many Freeing figures and the base is kinda like carpet - a lovely orange too.

All the little rabbits are removable - the one on her hip is attached by a magnet which is implanted in her hip. The very cute pose really does brighten up the workplace - having two of the same figure could be a good idea as she looks especially good from behind too ^^;

And if you are not familiar with Charlotte (voice actress Kana Hanazawa) then check her out in action below.

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