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Anime Shops Tokyo

Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2012/12/23 01:43 JST In Places to visit in Japan
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You are in the Ikebukuro area for a very short period and are looking for a one stop to cover all your anime needs - where do you go? The answer is Animate - their new flagship store in Ikebukuro is 8 floors filled to the brim with anime goodies. The floors are as follows!

7F:映像商品・音楽商品・ゲーム (DVD's, CD's Games)
6F:キャラクターグッズ・Tシャツ・クッション (Character goods, T-shirts, Cushions)
5F:トレーディングガード・フィギュア・食玩・ファンシーグッズ (Trading cards, Figures, Shokugan, Fancy goods)
4F:コミック(少女/BL/ガールズ)・ノベルス・同人誌・画材 (Manga (Shojo, BL, Girls) Novels, Doujinshi, Drawing utensils)
3F:コミック(少年/青年)・コミック文庫 (Manga (SHonen, Seinen) Comic Bunko)
2F:コミック(新刊/少年/青年/アニメ化作品)・ライトノベル・画集 (Manga (New, Shonen, Seinen, Anime titles)
1F:雑誌・食品・新着商品 (Magazines, Food stuffs, New products)

The address as follows - get off at JR Ikebukuro station on the Yamanote line.
Tokyo toshimaku higashiikebukuro 1-20-7

Be prepared for a "level Ninja" damage to your wallet when you go.

And if you are in the Akihabara area then check out this photo post to see what Animate's Akihabara store is like.


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