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Culture Japan Apparel

Posted by Danny Choo On Sat 2012/12/08 13:52 JST In Mascot
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To let you know that our new Culture Japan Apparel line is starting to ramp up. The line will focus on clothing and accessories branded with our own characters (Mirai Suenaga and co) but I may do some other licensed characters from anime and eroge titles working directly with some of my clients.

We are starting out with mainly color T-shirts but other lines such as the hoodies are just around the corner.
While most other anime licensed T-shirts usually retail at 3,000 yen - 6,000 yen (just like these and these), we are making efforts to streamline as many processes as possible and build relationships with folks in the various supply chains which will enable us to reduce costs - this enables us to competitively price our products and give back savings to the consumer.

The first line of Moekana T-shirts went on sale at Anime Festival Asia 2012 Singapore and the response was overwhelming! The Moekana T-shirts will be on sale next with an additional 2 designs at Comic Fiesta Malaysia on December 22nd - 23rd.

We are learning a load of new stuff with this new venture including manufacturing processes, pricing, tax policies, distribution and more. Next we need fo figure out how to distribute on a global level while maintaining scalability of the business.

After Malaysia, we head to the Thailand Game Show where I will be speaking and also have a booth where we will be selling our T-shirts.

A Moekana T-shirt is the easiest way to cosplay as Mirai Suenaga!

Our Eiji Seiun in his Moekana Cheerleader T-shirt. Yes I want to make some of those Retrokyu keyrings - but the easiest way to get one is probabbly by sticking a chain in the one that comes with the Mirai Nendoroid.

And here is the actual Moekana T-shirt. I kinda like the tight V-shaped fit which is why they are cut like so. But for folks who dont want to show their B or B (Bewbs or Belly) can go for the larger sizes ^^;

Apart from our own character branded T-shirts, what other anime or eroge licensed apparel would you like to see?

What other anime or eroge licenced wear would you like?

Do you wear anime T-shirts from time to time?

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What other anime T-shirt brands do you own?


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