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Tokyo Photos

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2012/12/05 21:04 JST In Tokyo Photos
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I dont get much time to sit down and update the site with photos much often but I do update my Instagram on a nearly daily basis. My Instagram followers will know that I post photos of my daily life in Tokyo and also from when I travel abroad for business which is currently once a month ><

Today we take a look at the last 80 photos that I've posted over the past couple of weeks which covers my time in Tokyo and Singapore.
I've also included the original text that I used when posting the photo which may contain Japanese and some other languages that I'm learning ^^;

If you dont have an Instagram account then you can still keep up with my posts on my Tumblr.
Do you have an Instagram account? If so paste it in the comments!

K-ON ichiban kuji goodies. Which is your fave? 一番くじ

昭和時代の目黒駅。昭和好き。Meguro station in the Showa period.

Today's weather in Japan - sunny all round. 今日は晴れ。

A recommended eat when you in Japan - Cocoichibanya for nomalicious curry. ココイチのスープカレー限定メニュー始まった。

Dindins with Azunyan. Makan malam bersama Azunyan. あずにゃんとディナー。Tong azunyan sik fan.

Packing only the essentials for my trip to Singapore tomorrow. 必需品のみシンガポールに持っていきます。

Last dinner beforehand I leave for Singapore is Yakitori. Then its pohpiah every night one. シンガポールに行く前の晩餐は焼き鳥。

Untuk semua fans Hatsune Miku. For all Miku fans - Miku Drink! 飲む!

If you got MiraiClock3 for android and choose Rest mode, Mirai will fall asleep for 15 mins after 15 mins.
Also available for iOS.

Quick mail before boarding the ANA flight. See you in Singapore! 搭乗!シンガポールへ!

I must go now. My planet needs me.

Singapore touchdown liao! シンガポールタッチダウン。

Singapore foooooooooooood! 好吃啊啊啊啊啊啊!今宵の晩餐はシンガポール系inシンガポールじゃ!

Pei Pa Koa get! 薬ゲット!

Get this glossy bag for free with all purchases at the Mirai Kopitiam at AFA12! 唯々月たすく先生の紙袋はシンガポールのAFAで貰える!

Yong Tau Foo for lunch. Head to Expo soon after lah. シンガポールでのお昼ははこれだ!

Changing hotels - moving to a central location. ホテル移動。

Saya minum Kratingdaeng! ゆきちゃんに加速装置貰う。Yuki-chan hands me my Acceleration Device.

With co-emcee Yoshimi at my Mirai Ko pitiam booth. MCパートナーよしみちゃんとブース前でパシャリ。

Makan Pohpiah! Lunch! お昼はポピア!在新加坡的唐人街吃薄饼!맛 있어!

Kaname and I are releasing a BL photo book. This is the cover.

Kaname x danny choo x AFA12 = new BL title. Wallao...

Kaname x Danny Choo x Yoshimi x AFA12. Caption this photo.

在吃烧肉饭!Wa chiak siew yook bui. Aya ho sik a yigor siew yook fan. 晩御飯inシンガポール!

To all Moekana owners - how many of you knew about this? もえかな持っている方へ。これ知っていた?

In Singapore, do not remove your head in public - the blood makes a mess. シンガポールで生首禁止。

In Singapore, curtains are Azunyuan. シンガポールのカーテンはあずにゃん系。

新加坡的风油痛车!シンガポールの痛車。Singapore fung yau itasha.

Moekanji printed on office printer - figuring out rules. もえかんじテストプレー。

Mega Ultra Extreme Heavy here-comes-atlantis type rain in Singapore.

Prawn Mee at Singapores China Town. シンガポールの中華街で海老麺を喰う 싱가포르의 차이나 타운에서 새우 면을 먹어 있어.

Meetings over some Roti Prata. 撃ち合わせしながらシンガポールのインド系料理を喰う。

Now at vivocity kopitiam food court.

More Moekanji test playing. もえかんじテストプレー続行!

Haruka Suenaga by Iizuki Tasuku sensei! 遥香ちゃんの水着姿線画by唯々月たすく先生!かわいいい!!

I love my Iizuki Tasuku-sensei carry-on ^^ うちのキャリーby唯々月たすく先生はとっても好き^^

在机场吃鸡饭。At changi having $9 chicken rice... チャンギ空港でぼったくりチキンライスを喰う。

At Singapore's Chinatown waiting for next meeting. シンガポールの中華街で撃ち合わせ待ち。腰に巻いているのは 唯々月たすく先生verのみらいちゃんパーカー。サンプルです。

At Sim Lim square checking out your gadgets. Prices seem to be generally higher than Japan even for things like cables.

Singapore takeoff. Thanks for everything and see you again soon!

Tokyo Touchdown at Narita. 東京タッチダウン。ただいま!

ANA business class was too comfy. Ended up sleeping instead of working ><

Thanks to wifey for not eating durian on the plane like last time ^^; 今回妻は機内でデゥリアン食べなくてよかった。

First meal back in Tokyo is tsukemen. They serve this in your neck of the woods too?

Tokyo itasha.

First lunch after getting back to Tokyo - Pokemon Mcdees.

Moekanji x Edo Wonderland! もえかんじ x 江戸ワンダーランド日光江戸村。

Solar Marine Moekanji Mirai! So cute leh. ソーラーマリーン姿のもえかんじみたいちゃん。かわいいい!

Today's Tokyo lunch is fly lice. ランチで五目チャーハン。

Mirai Millennium Moekanji version with Eiji Seiun! もえかんじverのミライミレニアム+星雲永時君!

Wa chiack Singapore laksa in Tokyo - made by wifey lah. 妻が作るシンガポールラクサー美味しいや~^^

TV says Mag 4.9. No tsunami. Was quite a big quake ><

The Moekana corner at Kinokuniya LA! ロス紀伊国屋のもえかなコーナー。これからアメリカ全国に展開します!

My new wallet. 新しい財布。

Hokkien mee in Tokyo. 原宿でシンガポール料理。

After dindin desserts at Shibuya Hikarie. 渋谷ヒカリエで妻とデザートなの。

Mirai Suenaga itasha for Comic Fiesta! マレーシアのコミックフィエスターでみらいちゃん痛車展示します。絵師はマレーシアのBen先生。

4 Kelezatan sekali gigit! Beng Beng enaaaaaak! Karin tucks into some noms. 娘のおやつタイム。

Blue skies in Tokyo this morning. Currently heading to the Japan Mode studios. 今朝の東京は晴れ。今ジャパンモードスタジオへ向かう。

Today's studio set for Japan Mode. Broadcast starts on Star World across Asia from Dec 1. 今日のジャパンモードスタジオ。12月1日からアジア中で放送開始。

New Mirai Millennium character announced soon. ミライミレニアムの新しいキャラ近日公開します。

一番勇気のあるみらいちゃんファン。Bravest Mirai-chan fan ever.

Photo taken on the Galaxy S3. で撮りました。

金町へ。今日は金型師に会う。Heading to kanamachi to meet a cast mould specialist.

Acceleration Device! 加速装置っ!

Cute (2D) girls everywhere in Japan.

初めて見た果物。First time I'm seeing this fruit. Do you know what its called? No it's not an apple.

Saya makan indo mie ^o^ instant noodles with Saber. むしゅめがインドネシアの即席麺を。

アイマスミキとディナー。Dinner with Miki from Idolmaster.

Mai daughter Karin in Mirai Cheerleader cosplay. 娘かりんちゃんのみらいチアガールコスプレ姿。

グッスマのサクマドロップスでスノーミクGet。Snow Miku Get liao.

Cutest Hatsune Miku ever? 最も可愛い初音ミク?

Tonight's dinner in Tokyo is oppan izakaya style. 今宵の晩餐は居酒屋スタイル。

Finally sorting through the figure mess from the 2011.03 earthquake. 11年の地震で散らかったり壊れたフィギュアを整理整頓。

Cute waitress in this restaurant serving us shabu shabu in Tokyo this evening. しゃぶしゃぶでディナー。店員さんは可愛いだな。

Putri saya makan beng beng hazelnut! Enak! Yuki snack time. むしゅめゆきちゃんの3時のおやつを前倒し。

Currently at Haneda airport. About to head off to... 今羽田空港。これからは。。。

Haneda is a lovely airport and right in Tokyo. Try to choose it over Narita which is a couple of hours out.

I love Haneda airport! This is a snap of edo street inside. 羽田大好き。

A load of traditional Japanese ornaments. 散歩に出掛けたらいつの間に目黒駅。
More daily photos on my Instragram.


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