Akihabara in the Winter

Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2013/01/27 19:21 JST In Places to visit in Japan
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The Japan in the Winter theme continues and today we take a look at the first place that I went to when I first visited Japan - Akihabara! Akihabara is another spot that you certainly want to stick onto your visit list when in Tokyo. Its filled with Electronics and everything anime and otaku. For those who are wondering - this photo article explains how Akihabara became what it is today.

To get to Akihabara, get off at Akihabara station on the JR Yamanote line.

Back in Akihabara during my 3rd(?) visit to Japan - t'was in 1995. These are what eroge looked like back then ^^;

This is how you know you have arrived at Akihabara station - when all the billboards become moe-fied ^^

Going to leave you with the rest of these photos as I continue to try and get through the backlog of posts that I owe you ><
These photos taken before Christmas by the way.

The following photos are of the Hokousha Tengoku [歩行者天国] where the main Chuo Doori street is pedestrianised on a Sunday.

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