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JLPT Results

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2012/12/03 13:21 JST In Japan
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The Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) was held at test centers around the world yesterday. Did you take the test? How did you do?
The JLPT is a standard which is used by many employers who seek Japanese speaking staff.
In the past there used to be 4 levels but in recent years they split it into 5 levels - N5, N4, N3, N2 and N1. N1 is the most difficult and N5 is the easiest.
Did you take the JLPT this year? If so what level? How did you feel about the paper? Do you think you passed? I hear that the results should be back in about February and that you can check the results online?

What level did you take yesterday?

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Do you think you passed the paper?

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Are you actively learning Japanese?

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Where do you learn most of your Japanese from?

Many many moons ago (20 years ago!) I passed level 4 and then level 2 the following year when I was self studying Japanese. After I graduated from university studying Japanese and Korean language, my teacher said that I didn't need to take level 1 ^^;

If you are self studying Japanese then I recommend that you take the JLPT and use that as a goal to aim towards.

Me studying Japanese back in the UK maaaany moons ago - that broken speaker and bit of glass was my first workspace.
In the How Discovering Japan Changed My Life post, I talk about many techniques to learn Japanese including Immersion and Self Hypnotism ^^;

The poster of Shinjuku on the wall was my lucky talisman which I would motivate me to stay focused on learning Japanese.

Nendoroid Mirai Suenaga - your lucky talisman to help you stay focused on learning Japanese ^o^

I've been in the same boat as you learning Japanese and I know exactly what its like which is one of the reasons why I released the Japanese learning series starting with Moekana which teaches Hiragana - Japanese language learning just had to be more fun!
Next up will be Moekanji which will teach Kanji.

As for me - I cant seem to pass my SLPT - so many difficult terms like "Been Chow Chow" keep showing up...


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