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AFA 12 Stage

Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2012/11/27 09:09 JST In Anime Events
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Continuing the Anime Festival Asia coverage with the shenanigans that went on in the stage areas. There was the Main Stage where I spent most of my time over the two days MC-ing for our Japanese guests. Then there was the Max Pavilion where all the artist performances were.
Was a very hard schedule but had a great time as you can see from these photos. Thanks to my co-host Yoshimi-chan - I could not do my job without her.

All other AFA related posts listed up below.

As for why KANAME, Yoshimi and I are doing the Gangnam - check out the following video to find out.

KANAME and I will be releasing a BL photo album next year.

Full house for most of the time.

With the producer of K - Nakanishi Go.

Time for the K cosplay contest.

Fripside artist appearance.

M.O.V.E greets the crowds.

The cuties of SEA A.

Kishio Daisuke gives us a tune.

MAY'n back at AFA for the 5th time!

Watanabe Shinichiro - he brought us Cowboy Bebop! He also worked on my fave Gundam anime 0083 Stardust Memory.

Kamiyama Kenji - Ghost in the Shell, Eden of the East and 009 Re:Cyborg director. He also attended Culture Japan Night Singapore ^o^

Nishihara Fumiaki - Editor-in-chief of Lis Ani.

Voice actress and singer Aimi gives us a tune.

Time for me to babble - I thought that everybody was going to leave after the previous segment which was Sphere...

Some left and some joined for a full house - thank you all for coming!

Covering some new projects.

New project?!

The new fun way to learn Japanese starts with a pack of Moekana.

Following Moekana we have Moekanji! Release in Feb or March.

The Moekanji cards are much more detailed - will be a set of 80 cards covering the first grade kanji.

Mirai-chan Nendoroid out next month.

Talking about what one should do to get a job at Mirai Inc.

Make it a need and you will make it a happen.

Thank you all for listening!

And here are some of the official photos.



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