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Anime Festival Asia Cafe

Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2012/10/26 14:37 JST In Anime Events
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Going to take a lookie at some of the shenanigans that went on in the maid and butler cafe at AFA Indonesia - then we take a look at whats in store for AFA Singapore 12 which is just around the corner!
First photo with Kiyo-chan!

Starting off with photo outside cafe hours - the girls in their casual wear looking very sweet indeed!





The big boss who runs the cafe - Leang Dzai Jim.

A peek at the cafe in action in the video below!

And a look at where the lads work - in the butler cafe.

The big boss checks all food before his girls are allowed to eat.

The big boss makes sure to inspect all photos of his girls before we can upload to the burogu.

The queues waiting to get into the butler and maid cafes were just incredible!

This year at AFA Singapore, the MoeMoekyun Experience Zone cafe is going to be a school theme! Bring a load of tissues!

Tissues to wipe nosebleeds I mean.

I'll be at the cafe from time to time - see you there!

Any maid cafe's where you live?

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