Anime Expo 2012

Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2012/10/19 18:54 JST In Anime Events
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Did I forget to do a post about Anime Expo 2012? No because here it is! Only a couple of months late though ^^;
It was my 3rd year back at AX and it was great to get together with old comrades and meet new ones. AX as usual was filled with a load of anime, cosplay, games, guests, stage events, panels, live artists including LiSA and this year we included a fashion show.

Mirai Suenaga was featured together with the AX official character Max on the official artwork and we had 3 Mirai Itasha too.
As of this year, I'm part of the AX team working to bring in as much contents as possible and am currently wheeling n dealing some hush-hush big surprises for next year.

If you have any requests for 2013 then add/vote in the poll - we are listening!

Who would you like to see at AX 2013?

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