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Tokyo Doll Store DOLK

Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2013/03/26 17:05 JST In Doll
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You into dolls? You be visiting Tokyo soon? Then you is being in need to visit the Doll Store in Akihabara called DOLK.
DOLK have everything ranging from wigs, eyes, shoes, clothes, stands and other accessories.
They specialise in cast dolls so that means you would not find any Dollfies on sale in the store - but the clothes and accessories (depending on the size) are Dollfie compatible.

If DOLK sound familiar then thats because you may have seen them at a previous Culture Japan Night in Tokyo.

The DOLK store can be found at the following locaiton in Akihabara which is just a stones throw from Akihabara station.
東京都千代田区神田須田町2-17‐4 山梅ビル1F
toukyouto chiyodaku kanda suda machi 2-17-4 yama ume biru 1F


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