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Streets of Tokyo 2

Posted by Danny Choo On Sat 2012/09/22 13:13 JST In Japan
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Started this series a year ago and only managed to do the 2nd installment today ><
Today we continue to take a look at the streets of Tokyo - some of these taken on trips outside of the metropolis though. Japan looks great when seen from the street view or trains but there are places that you cant normally get to or see unless you travel by car.

As with the previous post, you will notice just how clean the streets are. The Japanese are a diligent bunch of folks and most do their bit to keep the streets clean. There are even some parts of the highway where you see workers run out to remove anything that has wandered its way onto the lanes like wood or bits that have fallen off trucks.

Highways are known as Kousoku [高速[こうそく]] which means "high speed" - they are also known as Yuuryou Douro [有料道路[ゆうりょうどうろ]] or "toll roads" - we usually pay something like 700 yen to use them on a one way trip within the metropolis.

Traffic is not so bad in Tokyo - unless there is heavy rain (folks drive slower) or an accident - or a weekend. I try to avoid traveling on a weekend as much as possible. I remember travelling up to Nikko spending about 5 hours in traffic and only a couple of hours at the destination ><

As with before - feel free to use these photos as you please and if you are a manga artist and need some backgrounds then feel free to trace too.


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