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Culture Japan Night Jakarta

Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2012/09/07 00:37 JST In Anime Events
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Over 600 people registered for Culture Japan Night Jakarta Summer 2012 but about 100 of that could not make it due to the venue change. I was tipped off that I would be arrested (or fined or both!) if I held an event in public with 600 people without a permit.
It wasnt until only 2 hours before the event that we managed to secure a location - a ball room at the Borobudur hotel that I was staying at.

I managed to alert most of the registrants of the venue change and we put up notices in the previously planned venue at Taman Anggrek. As you can see from these photos - this just would not have worked in a food court! I thought it would work because the first time we done a Culture Japan Night in Singapore was in the Lau Pa Sat food court ^^; I really had noooo idea how many would attend!

This is the group shot with folks who stayed until the end - I always forget to take it during the middle of the event when everybody is still around ><

Anyway - as my punishment for changing the venue just 2 hours before the event, I promised that everybody who registered for or came to Culture Japan Night Jakarta would be given the pre-release version of MiraiClock3 for the Android - regardless of whether you made it to the event.

All you have to do to get hold of your MiraiClock3 is to photo annotate yourself in as many of these photos as possible. If you did not attend then just leave a note below in the comments telling us why you could not make it - your reason will help me plan better next time.

Then fill out this form leaving feedback on the event. MiraiClock 3 is only available to folks who registered for or attended Culture Japan Night Jakarta!

MiraiClock3 will be available to the public later this month free on Google Play.

Attendees were originally going to be charged a small fee to help pay for the room but I found out that neither I or the hotel could collect money for tax issues - so I payed for the venue ^^;

We had a most awesome time - figures, dolls, cosplay and the first ever official Moekana Tournaments! We need help to run regional Moekana Tournaments around the world - if you have experience running Bushiroad tournaments and are interested then leave a note below.

Following are photos taken over the 6 hour period of fun n games at Culture Japan Night Jakarta - thanks to all who came and also to all who helped and made this possible - especially Mr AFA himself - Shawn Chin! It was great meeting all of you!

Anyway, Me need to get some sleep - filming all day tomorrow ToT


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