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Akihabara Electronics

Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2012/09/09 23:46 JST In Places to visit in Japan
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After Japan lost the war in 1945, the many radio technicians and electronic engineers stationed around the world came back home to Japan. At the time, there wasn't many jobs going round and all most of them could do was to make things like electric rice cookers or pots.
They wanted to contribute to the reconstruction of Japan and called out to all the Japanese engineers to gather at Akihabara. At the time, radio was the only form of enjoyment in an era where printing and other forms of entertainment was scarce - thus the engineers focused their efforts in bringing the people more radios.

Many children's books at the time depicted Akihabara as being a "city of the future."

Between 1960 and 1970, Akihabara started to see many electronic stores selling white goods - TV's, washing machines, fridges and so on.

Today, while the area has become known for being an Otaku haven, Akihabara today is still popular for its electronics. Today we take a gander around two of the more popular electronic stores - Super Potato (retro games) and Sofmap (covers all electronics).

Today I'm filming with model, photographer and good comrade Julie Watai!

First off we start at the Electric Town exit at Akihabara station.

Super Potato located below!
〒101-0021 東京都千代田区外神田1-11-2 北林ビル3F/4F/5F

They have a few stores located across Japan which are listed here.

And here is sofmap - they have a few stores in Akihabara - some focused on Eroge and media - this one on hardware.

If you are not a resident in Japan, dont forget to take your passport when shopping - you get duty free in a special way. In other countries, one usually pays the tax first and then fills out a form to get it stamped at the airport - Japan is much simpler - the tax is deducted when you pay.


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