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Mirai Millennium Itasha

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2012/08/27 09:56 JST In Anime Events
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Adding Indonesia to our list of worldwide Mirai Suenaga Itasha! This time round we got an bronze-ish color Nissan March which goes well with the Mirai Millennium theme!
Thanks to reader Yudi for sacrificing his car and to Tatsuya for managing the project on the ground. This Itasha will be displayed at my booth at Anime Festival Asia Indonesia this weekend!

The side illustration features the artwork of Koku-sensei of Mirai in her Solar Marine Uniform. Retrokyu also accompanies her.

The bonnet features artwork of Iizuki Tasuku-sensei - again of Mirai in her Solar Marine Uniform.

Back of the car features Moekana artwork by Ikkyuu-sensei - Retrokyu and Mirai in Solar Marine Uniform.

And here are the making-of photos - Itasha wrapped by the good folks at Wrapinc. If you are interested in doing your car up as a Mirai Itasha, I can provide the full-res images and design too.
All you have to do is contact support at dannychoo dot com and let me know who you are going to get to print and wrap your car. Also check out the artwork by the many sensei on the Mirai page and let me know what artwork you need. You should also provide me with photos of your car from all sides.


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