Dakimakura Skydive

Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2012/08/24 09:17 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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Do you wake up in the middle of the night thinking "I wonder what skydiving with a dakimakura is like" ?
Well if that fits your description then you need to wonder no more - Melonpan from Switzerland took his bride Nia-chan for a dive - check out the photos and the video below.

And when not skydiving, Melonpan is at home lounging away in the worlds most stylist otaku room.

And if you have not been skydiving - I thoroughly recommend it as being one of the things you must do before you die - incredible experience. This photo taken 10 years ago near Seattle during my times at Amazon - unfortunately my otaku level was very low at the time so no Dakimakure.
Before we jumped, they showed us videos of people who died during Skydiving accidents - then asked us if we were sure that we wanted to sign the form ^^;

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