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Animate - the one stop for all your anime needs - DVD's Blu-ray, CD's, merchandise, figures, manga, doujin and more.
Today we are at the Animate store in Akihabara filming for Japan Mode. To get to Animate, just get off at Akihabara station and head to the following location.

My navigator for today is photographer, model, actress and otaku girl Julie Watai.

Walking up towards Animate.

When we got to Animate, there was a huge queue of people waiting to get in - and was told that it was a quiet day ^^;

Business cards should be exchanged in the correct manner - if you are not sure how then check out the video below.

I've got so many gray hairs now that sometimes it looks like birds poop ^^;
I have been thinking about dying my hair from time to time though - maybe bright orange.

Do you dye your hair?

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Anyway - as I was writing this I realised that I need to be in a meeting on the other side of Tokyo - will need to dash and leave you with a wall of photos ^^;

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