Mirai Suenaga Fanart 2

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2012/08/15 22:37 JST In Mascot
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There has been so many submissions of Mirai Suenaga fanart for the Worldwide Otaku Report. You've still got time to submit something - details here. While we continue to receive submissions, I would like to feature some of the artwork that has been submitted up until this morning - picked out a bunch at random and will be featuring more in a separate post as I cant fit everything in here ><

I need to dash right now so dont have time to stick links to each owner here - but they will be in the book!
For now you can head over to the Mirai Suenaga Fanart Pinterest and click on each illustration to find out who the original artist is.
If you are the artist of any of these then please help me by photo annotating your work ^^;

Just to be clear though - I want to feature as many submissions in the book as possible - dont worry if you dont see yours here as I simply cant fit all on one page ^^;

Also, if you drew some fanart in the past and want it to be featured in the book then leave a comment (in this or the previous fanart post) with a link to your artwork on Deviantart or Pixiv (preferably both).

All fanart up until now should be up on the Mirai Suenaga Pinterest!
If not then leave a note here.

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