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Tokyo Toy Store

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2012/09/24 23:21 JST In Places to visit in Japan
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For about 2 years, the flagship store for Kiddy Land in Harajuku moved to a temporary location while the original store was completely rebuilt. The old store didn't meet current earthquake resistance standards and became a hazard.

Recently, the flagship store returned to its original location and just like the old times - filled to the brim with toys! The store is however just a little bit smaller - new building regulations meant that the store had to be built in a particular way - and there is one floor less.

Nevertheless, once you first enter the store, the amount of toys becomes overwhelming in no time. Today I'm filming with model and actress Hiura Yuika. If you are wondering why my face looks like plastic - its because thats what happens when you are surrounded by toys - or because the makeup artist used a spade to layer on the makeup.

Kiddy Land Harajuku is located in its original spot below. Nearest stations are JR Harajuku on the JR Yamanote line or Meiji Jingumae on the Chiyoda and Fukutoshin Line.
東京都渋谷区 神宮前6-1-9

"Maefuri" [前振り[まえふり]] is a term used in Japanese TV production that refers to the bit where the presenter is introducing the next segment or start of the show.
The end is called "Kansou" [感想[かんそう]] where the presenter talks about what we have just seen on the show.

If you like plushies then Kiddy Land has all of them!

Huge section for everything to hang off or put your mobile phone in.

Interesting! Make your iPhone into a desktop phone - although may not quite work with the iPhone 6...

Ton of cute goodies!

Interesting papercraft.

For some reason, that font makes that "block" look like "bollocks".

More interesting goodies - mix n match phone strap and face covers.

It says "diet chopsticks" - the alien chopsticks are supposed to be so ugly that you would not want to eat food - thus diet..

We was having a conversation as to why Charlie Brown's hair looks like he's balding even though he's so young.

Japanese bento culture - see it in real life!

Looking for Hello Kitty? Kiddy Land has all of it too.

Japan's Barbie is called Licca-chan.

Kiddy Land also has its own Rilakkuma Store inside.

Battroborg are just hilarious to watch and play!

They do have figures but because they are not mainstream - only small selection available.

B-Roll is known as either Butsudori [物撮り[ぶつどり]] for items and Fukeidori [風景撮り[ふうけいどり]] for scenery. My cameraman seems to have spotted something interesting.

Gatcha - popular in Japan and seen many in Asia - how about in your neck of the woods?


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