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Takeshita Street

Posted by Danny Choo On Sat 2012/09/29 22:01 JST In Places to visit in Japan
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More filming with actress and model Hiura Yuika - this time we are out n about in the Harajuku (Tokyo) area to explore the young n trendy Takeshita Street (also known as Takeshita Doori).

You have seen in the previous photo post what Takeshita Street looks like in the Winter, today we see what it looks like in the boiling hot Summer!

We first start off filming however at Urahara (short for "Ura Harayuku" [裏原宿[うらはらじゅく]]) - more photos in the Harajuku Guide.

Urahara is a quiet street filled with fashionable stores - is also called Cat Street and can be found on the map below.

Today I'm wearing a Japanese traditional garment called Jinbei [甚平] - without this, I would have melted in the heat! If you are looking for some Jinbei then J-List has some and ship worldwide.

Tacoyaki - octopus balls. Didn't know that Octopus had balls until I came to Japan.

Watch how candy is made at Candy Show Time.

Lunch time!

A load of sweet shops around the Harajuku area.

Heading off to Takeshita Street.

The entrance of Takeshita Steet is located right outside Harajuku Station on the JR Line.

Takeshita Street is popular for its crepe - try some when you are there!

Filming with Yuika-san done - going to let her go and film some B-roll.

I put in an order of Moekana T-shirts from a vendor in Singapore as a trial run - the T-shirts came back to me with AKB48 labels in the collar... Needless to say, wont be using that vendor again ><

The name is engraving for free of charge.

Please take it freely.


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