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Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2012/08/05 08:25 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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"ACG" is a term that is widely used in Chinese speaking countries to refer to Anime, Comic and Games - in particular Japanese anime and otaku culture.
I've been working with a magazine called OTAQ who publishes ACG contents in their journal which is sold throughout China.

OTAQ covers anime, manga, games, idols, figures and a lot of dolls too - especially ones belonging to owners!

The past two volumes have come with DVD's which have the entire season 2 of Culture Japan. I'll also be regularly writing for the journal. Volume 2 of OTAQ features my work and Volume 3 features Culture Japan Night in Tokyo.

Are there decent anime/otaku journals in your neck of the woods? If not maybe we can work together on making one! Lemme know what ideas you have.

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