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Live Wonhobby TV with Good Smile Company

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2012/07/25 16:48 JST In Good Smile Company
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For the first time ever, we done an English version of the Good Smile Company Wonhobby broadcast back in February - thousands of you tuned in to take a look at the up n coming figure releases and speak to many folks in the anime industry.

I'm pleased to announce that we will continue doing the broadcast in English! The next one will be this Sunday on the same day as the Wonder Festival.
We will be showing you the latest decoration masters (including the new Mirai Suenaga figure) and you will be able to speak to a load of anime industry folks too.
Will also be giving away some goodies too!

The broadcast will be this Sunday July 29th 22:00 JST - click here to see what time that is where you are.
So Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Manila = 21:00, Jakarta = 20:00, UK = 14:00, LA = 06:00 and NY = 09:00.

The broadcast will be at the following locations (need niconico account) (need niconico account) (no account needed)

Also keep tabs on my Facebook and Twitter. Yoshimi and I look forward to seeing you!

Add this event to Google Calendar!

The view from the new Good Smile Company offices where the live broadcast will take place!

This tall building is where the new GSC offices are - they have a whole floor to themselves! I have a desk there too ^^;

My co-host as always is the lovely Yoshimi!
And for folks arriving at this page for the first time, my profile lives here.

And here are a few photos of what it was like on the last broadcast - more photos here!


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