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Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2012/08/05 09:09 JST In Good Smile Company
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I've been working with Good Smile Company for many years now and watched them continue to grow so much that I've also witnessed them move 4 times!
This time however, they have moved to somewhere pretty amazing - to the Tokyo Sky Tree East Tower!

Arriving at Oshiage station which has been renamed to Oshiage (Sky Tree) on the Hanzomon line.

Tokyo Sky Tree East Tower next to its counterpart which is currently the tallest building in the world at 634 meters.

Love the font in the elevators ^^;

At the entrance of Good Smile Company which is shared with Max factory, Good Smile Racing, Phat and Culture Japan.
Damn, what am I saying?!

Lively entrance filled with congrats flowers.

Yes - Good Smile Company now make toilet paper too! Who wants some?

Now that is a cool idea - Ita bonnet in the office!

A planetarium below.

I've not been up the Tokyo Sky Tree yet - I hear the queues to get up are horrendous - and that is *after* reservations.

Something Miku in the office...

...which is being scrutinized by the top folks at GSC including the big boss Aki Takanori next to me.

Time to go wandering around the offices. Good Smile take up the entire 17th floor. This is just one of the rooms where the sculpting goes on.

Here is where all the 3D work goes on. The Itasha that will come with the Mirai Nendoroid was created by this team.

This is where all the painting goes on. Before, sculpting, painting and 3D modeling used to be in one room.

Meeting time and business card exchange. Business cards must be handed over in the appropriate manner. If you dont know how then learn. I've seen so many foreigners hand over their business card upside down which is very very bad manners and pretty much decides the outcome for the rest of the meeting. Learn meishi manners if you want to do business well with Japanese folks!

Today we are meeting about Mirai Nendoroid, the GSC website (which we make) and 5 million Facebook fans.

The views of Tokyo from here are gorgeous.

Can you recognize who drew this?

Gorgeous artwork by Huke-sensei.

Tokyo Sky Tree by night.

This is the Shacho Shitsu [社長室[しゃちょうしつ]] or "Big Boss Room."

Time to peek at the shelves belonging to the other staff members.
Do you display figures/dolls at work or school?

One of the web team members who I work with.

She likes everything pink!

This DOM belongs to the guy doing the project management for Mirai Nendoroid.

A sign of things to come...

Hmmmm. Whats that on the desk?!

I have a desk at Production IG and it looks like I have a desk here too!

Heading back to base.

We got anime ads on the trains.

Changing for the Mita line.

Arrival back at my local station Musashikoyama.

Time to look for some dinner.

This evenings dindins!

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