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Mirai Itasha Mini Countryman Version

Tue 2012/06/26 12:31 JST

The Anime Expo X Culture Japan artwork gets plastered on an Itasha in Los Angeles! This Mini Countryman Itasha will be displayed together with 2 other Mirai Suenaga Itasha at the main entrance to Anime Expo 2012 which starts this Thursday at 6:00pm – The Red Carpet followed by the Opening Ceremonies!

Take photos of the Itasha or anything Mirai Suenaga related (fanart, cosplayers, moekana etc) and share your photo with your friends on Twitter, Deviantart, Flickr, Pinterest or Facebook with the #MiraiSuenaga together with the #AnimeExpo tag and stand a chance to win 100 USD x 3!

At the end of the event I will pick 3 people at random and send you your 100 USD by Paypal (you pay any paypal fees though ^^;) - you need a PayPal account and no I'm not doing a bank transfer if you dont have one ^o^

The more you post the merrier! Thats 3 winners and each will get 100 USD sent by PayPal. If you are tweeting, dont stick my account name @dannychoo at the beginning of your tweet or only I will see it - the point is for you to share with your followers ^^ Just make sure you got both tags ( #MiraiSuenaga #AnimeExpo ) and I will see them.

Thanks to Jun (more photos at his blog) for helping wrap the car and the big baws of AX Marc Perez for sacrificing his lovely car!

Tokyo · CEO Mirai Inc

Director for Culture Japan. Creator of Mirai Suenaga. Member of the Japanese governments METI CIIC.


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