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AFAMY 12 Culture Japan Booth

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2012/06/20 10:47 JST In Culture Japan Booth
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Pictures of our Culture Japan booth at AFAMY (Anime Festival Asia Malaysia 2012). This is the 3rd booth that we've done and each time we improve learning from our previous mistakes.
Our first one was last year at Anime Expo. Our second one was also last year at AFA 11.
We dont have experience selling stuff yet so this time was only a showcase of Mirai Suenaga illustrations and merchandise.

I would like to thank everybody who dropped by and especially thank all the folks who worked on the booth who are:-
<<Itasha Traveller>>
- Alvin
- Wei Sheng
- Zechariah Ho
- Wen Jun 藤原雪野の冒険

<<Itasha Decal>>
- Nick Tan
- Zechariah Ho

<<Blog Media>>
- Alphond Tan(Malaysia)
- Chun Kah
- Shane Mok

<<Blog Media>>
- Yunamon(Malaysia)

Folks from AFA also helped out too - thank you everybody!

The Itasha was produced by Alvin and decalized by Nick and Zechariah from

Not a lot of Mirai goodies right now but there will be twice as much this time next year - but probably 3 or 4 times more ^^;

Originally wanted to have more iPads showing videos but didn't have time to prepare.

If you are wondering about the clone - it was a prezzie when filming at the cloning factory a while back.

Mirai Music - Its ready but just sorting out logistics right now.

Cutie Esther in Mirai's Solar Marine uniform! And check out her Millennium Blade too!

Abunai Usagi as Kanata on the right of photo and Sumire Lee as Mirai-chan.

Official artwork for Anime Expo 2012 - how many of you joining us this year?

The Edo Ward in Mirai Millennium.

Some Moekana artwork that you may not have seen yet.

4th Generation Retrograde Suit in the hangar.

Mirai Cheerleader by KD!

Reina-chan looks after the itasha.

Our team grows over night!

Hammy as Mirai in Winter Uniform and Mintochuu as Mirai in Summer uniform. Catch them in the video below!

Our Alvin on Fuji TV!

Jimmy Choo loves the little ones too!

We need a bigger booth next time!

I can see where I'm going to start balding from...

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