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Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2012/05/22 09:59 JST In Tokyo Photos
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Been playing around with Instagram of late - the mobile app that allows you to easily snap and share to multiple social networks. I currently use it to update my Facebook and Twitter.

It really is hard finding time these days to just sit down and write. Most of what I do these days is give instructions and manage projects. Been thinking of ways to make generating content easier and thought that I'd give Instragram a whirl.
The plan is to post updates to Instagram (my user name is dannychoo) which will then feed into my FaceBook and Twitter account. Then I would have an automated task that runs daily to aggregate all my photos and post them here on - well thats the plan anyway ^^;

If you prefer updates by RSS, you can subscribe to my Facebook RSS Feed, Twitter RSS Feed and the feed for this site too.

First snap - our local shopping arcade Palm in Musashikoyama.

Italian for dindins at Musashikoyama.

Name of the restaurant is Toscana.

Spent a whole year eating Mr Donut - the Pon De Ring is dangerously addictive.

Kaldi is the place to go to get all your international food stuffs. You can find everything here from Thai Chai Tea, Korean Ramyun to European jams and wot not.

Real Steel was a goodie - Japanese trailer below. You may like Real Steel Ambush too distributed by Good Smile Company.

Working in the evening surrounded by Mirai.

Looking to upgrade my custom built watch to something orange. Been wearing this one for about 10 years now. If you want to do the same then just get two watches that would look good together. All you need to do then is shorten the strap and stick them together with a camera strap - I think I posted a photo of the back before somewhere?

Out n about in Akihabara.

Mai daughter Yuki-chan. I took this photo from the iMac screen.

Mai secretary Aoi-chan.

I'm eclipse ready - this is my visor.

How many of you have marks left in your eyes from looking at the eclipse with your naked eye for too long?

Travel plans for this year are Malaysia > Los Angeles > Hawaii > Indonesia > Singapore.

Plants look better with figures.

Ramen shops are better in Japan - because they got figures on display.

Some ramen places serve rice on the side too and is usually free. The idea is that you pour soup over it that is left over from the bowl of ramen.

You should know by now why many Japanese homes have bottles of water outside them right?

Yes - this is part of my job too. Preparing for displays in Malaysia.

Wifey's cooking!

Our next door neighbor comes along to join us for dindins - she is literally the girl next door and currently part of the K-ON after school activities.

Time for some Kinect with Fitness Evolved - tis about the only exercise I get these days!

More neighbors come to join in on the fun and games.

Wifey Warp.

Working with Ikkyuu-sensei on more Moekana goodies!

The workplace is more fun when surrounded by cuties.

Been warm of late so the fan comes out to play.

Sample packaging for dakimakura that I'm developing. I want to change the way dakimakura are sold.

Been meaning to put this together for a couple of years now - Kotobukiya X-Wing Fighter.

Name this character.

Throwing out the recyclable stuff - tins, glass and plastics.

About to send this Mirai Suenaga Summer uniform off to Malaysia. Boys and girls can get theirs from Lucy Pop.
If you are using Instagram then you can find me by my username which is "dannychoo."


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