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Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2012/05/09 14:23 JST In Japan
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A 500 meter wide tonado struck the city of Tsukuba (located 50 kilometers North of Tokyo) a few days ago and images of the damage have just come onto TV. The tornado wrecked everything in its path, injured 55 and killed a young boy.

While researchers are still studying the situation, some say that it was possibly a Supercell which caused damage over an area of 15 kilometers.
Somebody took a video of the tornado in Tsukuba and uploaded it to the Tubes.

I've never really looked at tornado damage before - the last time I saw stuff like this was with my own eyes when up in the tsunami struck areas of Ishinomaki and Onagawa.

A news report of the tornado below.

A map of Japan - red marks areas where tornados have hit between the years 1961 - 2010.

The tonado a few days ago completely flipped over houses.

The path of the tornado.

This huge block of cement is actually the foundation of a house which was completely flipped over killing that young boy.

Another example of a house completely ripped from its foundation.

There was actually another tornado that hit this morning in the Aichi prefecture but no damage recorded this time round.

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