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Japanese Retro Games

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2012/05/14 17:57 JST In Places to visit in Japan
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As its name suggests - Super Potato is a fortress filled with retro games covering all eras - everything from Nintendo Game Watch to PC Engine, Megadrive, Super Famicom, Dreamcast and more.

Today we are back at Super Potato filming once again - this time round for my morning TV show called Check Time. This week we cover the top Famicom games - my corner also uploaded to my YouTube account.

After filming at AmiAmi, we headed over to Akihabara to film 2 more episodes. This is my fave carpark in Akihabara behind Akiba Cultures Zone. I think its also the most expensive too due to its central location ^^;

Our trusty HXR-NX70J camera which has been serving us well since the beginning of Culture Japan Season 2.

To get to Super Potato, get off at Akihabara station and head to the following point on the map below.

Starting off by taking a look at my first games machine - the Sega Megadrive which was also my first gateway into Japanese culture and you can read why in the How Discovering Japan Changed My Life entry.
What was your first games machine?

Your first games machine was?

Playing some Thunderforce III.

Always bump into readers from around the world when I'm at Super Potato!

The throne made up of famicom games.

How many of you had a Game Watch?

The good ol days!

Super Potato also got some retro arcade games too. I think that game is Final Fight where the mayors daughter gets kidnapped?

Metal Slug! Loved the game and graphics but was never good at it ^^;

What is your most fave genre of game? Mine is shooting ^^;

Your most fave genre of game is?

Ita-retro stairs. I need some of these at home too.

Another one of my faves - Contra Spirits!

The Japanese Famicom - called "Nintendo Entertainment System" outside of Japan.

PC Engine Core Grafx in action below.

Sega Saturn!


A Megadrive game running on the Super Famicom via an adapter ^^;

Guaranteed to do your eyes in - Virtual Boy!

Arms installation is complete - Good Luck!

Loved this game too - Dracula for the Super Famicom.

Ranma - not as good as Street Fighter but nostalgic!

One of my first games on the Megadrive - Strider. What was the first retrogame that you remember playing?

Load of Mario merchandise.

You will need a couple of hours to go through the shop at least. What are your most recommended retro games?

I love the Gradius world but dont like how you loose *all* your weapons when you get hit ><

Standard issue profile photo.

A device to enable you to play Super Famicom games on the go. Looks like poo but functional it seems.

Could not resist any longer - picked up with the TV production budget ^^;
3,129 yen for the Super Famicom - about 8,000 yen for the bunch.

Setting up to film the studio part.

We was actually streaming the studio recording live on Justin TV.

Time to play some Axelay!

This is when your old CRT TVs come in handy - I should have kept the plasma TV that I gave away to a reader a while ago ><

And this is the result of the filming ^o^


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