Black Rock Shooter White Edition

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2012/05/07 10:58 JST In Figures
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There have been many variations of the original Black Rock Shooter but I personally like this one the best - BRS White Edition. She was supposed to be a limited edition at the last Wonder Festival but is actually available to purchase online for 20,000 yen.
Folks who are interested can get their grubby mitts on her from the first few search results of this Google search.

Absolutely gorgeous figure using the Medicom Real Action Heroes body. Love her slender look and no doubt that DLC fans will go wild over her tsurupettan form. Do note that she is Black Rock Shooter White Edition and *not* White Rock Shooter which is a completely different character.

She comes with a stand which is...kinda not so functional as its so light unless blu-tacked down to the table. BRS White Edition comes with a Long Battle Axe which was especially illustrated by Huke just for this product which looks very coolsome indeed.

The flame on her eye is attached to the hair front piece and there is another hair front piece without the flame included too.
Only one complaint about the figure though - as you can see in the photos, some of her jacket is turning yellow due to the lighting around the room. But she's too nice just to leave in the box and now sits with me at work.

A bit pricey but very beautiful to look at figure.

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