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Japan XBOX 360 Kinect

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2012/04/25 00:05 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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Even though I previously worked at Microsoft as a Product Manager, I've never been a fan of many of the Microsoft products including the XBOX 360. Lately, my attention was drawn to the Kinect because of all the Star Wars Dance Off videos on the Internets. The Tokyo Dance Trooper's dancing is so bad that I thought I could take lessons from it.
Then I came across Dance Evolution and the video below featuring Fitness Evolved and liked the look of them so ordered myself this bunch of stuff to get me started. Wifey and I have been loving it so far!

I'm impressed with the accuracy of the Kinect and playing exercise games with all 5 limbs is a load of fun. What XBOX games do you recommend and what is your ID - mine is DannyChooDotCom - feel free to add me!

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What XBOX 360 game do you recommend the most?


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