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Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2012/04/16 23:22 JST In Travel
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Was in Taiwan in this January, got to have a few meetings, hold a Culture Japan Night, explore the otaku shops underground, and of course - eat a load of good food!
Probably not a good idea to look at this post on an empty stomach. First photo - the long lost sister of Nitroplus PR bod Joy Max spotted.

I love the convenience of hawker stalls. Many folks recommend that you stay away from them for "hygiene reasons" but they usually serve up the best local food. If the schedule allows, where possible, I always try to go for the local stuff. Although I do know folks who prefer to stick to Mc Donalds - which are you?

When abroad what food do you go for?

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Are you the type to avoid hawker stalls when abroad?

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What is your fave hawker stall food?

I have a sweet tooth - I love sweets ><

Its "Smelly Tofu" which as its name suggests - very very smelly! I've seen folks on TV run away from the smell so I was hesitant but they actually taste quite good!

Looks like... but tastes great! Its barbecued lamb. I think.

Lots of colorful drinks in the convenience store.

I just love Star Fruit juice - we dont get it in Japan ><

Seven Eleven in Taiwan has Oden - just like Japan.

We got conned at the fruit store - by getting charged tourist prices. Dont you hate it when they do that.

Shilin Market - lots of food to eat around here.

Catch some prawns and they will cook em for you on the spot.

Tasted nice but not sure how healthy this is with all the burnt bits ^^;

One of the best things about Taiwan - the walk-around-grab-a-snack > walk-around-grab-a-snack.

Sweet tofu - I had a lot of this in Penang when I was younger.

Yes - there is a shop in Taiwan called Bolocking - I'm sure folks in the UK will like this - but not sure if folks around the rest of the world get it?
"Bolo" means "Pineapple" and they sell pineapple type foods here.

Grilled mushrooms - fabulous.

Mushrooms deep fried - exquisite!

Some to wash everything down with some traditional Chinese tea.

Oyster food. Oysters to me is like what Kryptonite is to Superman. No matter how well its cooked it still tastes raw to me - it feels like chewing on insides of a stomach or something ><

When I first had this, wifey told me it was some sort of seafood and I believed her ^^; Its actually cow stomach and if she told me what it really was at the beginning, I probably would have avoided ^^; Tastes great though.

Cow stomach is not that weird - I was served OX balls (yes those balls), camel toe (no not *that* camel toe) in China once. Whats the strangest thing you have had to eat?

They got big milk cartons in Taiwan - they dont exist in Japan - they dont fit in the fridge!

Finishing off with some Creampie dessert?

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