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Its the Cherry Blossom Hanami season in Japan and the whole nation is out n about enjoying the sights. The photos in this post taken around the Meguro River and Onarimon area in Tokyo. First photo was taken at Onarimon with Tokyo Tower in the background.
All the HD sized wallpapers (and more) are available in this Google Plus post. Feel free to use, trace or eat.

Everybody loves Sakura. I believe that Japan shipped some over to Seattle many moons ago for the folks over there to enjoy? You you get a dose of cherry blossoms in your kingdom too?

Just left the house and heading down to Meguro River.

This long road of Cherry Blossoms is located around Fudomae station [不動前駅] on the Meguro line.

Out n about on the new roadbike.

Arrival at Meguro Gawa River which is lined with Sakura on both sides which go on for miles.

Recharging with some Danish Nuts which are just delicious.

Even though we get to enjoy sakura every year, its only around full bloom for about 10 days - 7 days if its warm and everybody wants to capture the lovely views on their time and space capture units before its all over.

Hotels which look like a cinderella castle are a tell tale sign of lodging where you can go and do some hanky panky.

Under Sakura trees, folks will place blue mats on the ground to enjoy a few rounds of beer and snacks with friends and family. Some folks will even camp out under a good spot for a few days before full bloom.

Along the river we come across some sort of festival.

Kesen-numa [気仙沼] is a city that was completely devastated in the 201103 earthquake and tsunami. Many folks in the agricultural industry are selling some veggies and fish where the money is used to help the recovery of the city.

How many of you can read this?

Indonesian food for lunch.

An Eco Station can be found at many fairs where folks would bring their food containers to be recycled.

Chopsticks and forks go here...

And the other containers go here. I've never seen such diligence when it comes to recycling in any other part of the world. Hows that for a "Only in Japan" ?

Traditional tea ceremony under the Sakura.

Come across a flea market on the bridge. I saw some dollfie sized food stuff! But I used the force and stopped myself - my daughters have a pile of food that they have not touched.

Picking up some Shizuoka Tea.

Now we are at Meguro Fudoson - you have seen photos of this place before in all of my New Years photo posts. The nearest station would be Fudomae [不動前] on the Meguro line.

Was in a meeting with Panasonic at their offices in Onarimon - this small park just outside their building. You can get here by getting off at Onarimon station [御成門駅].

Back to base in the evening at Musashikoyama.
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