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Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2012/04/01 23:59 JST In Japan
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I have a confession to make - I lied about the shoe designer Jimmy Choo being my father - he is actually my younger brother. I left out an important fact when I talked about my upbringing.

When I was being brought up in a foster home by my Mauritian family, they took me on a trip to Mauritius where I fell into a mysterious lake. All I recall after falling into the lake is reading the date on a newspaper which was dated 30 years into the future.

By then, my younger brother Jimmy had aged while I remained 25 years old. I was surprised to hear that he had become some famous designer. I'm sorry that I lied to you all.

Anyway I need to dash now - have a conference call with Jun - my Culture Japan producer in Los Angeles - I'm supposed to call him at 8pm on April 1st which is in about 5 mins time.

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