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Idolmaster iPhone

Posted by Danny Choo On Thu 2012/03/15 20:35 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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Is you being a fan of the Idolmaster girls but dont really want the console versions? Got an iPhone or iOS device handy? Then you maybe happy that Bandai Namco Games are releasing Idolmaster Mobile for the iOS later this month and its going to be free.

As a producer, you choose one of the girls and work with her to make her famous throughout Japan. The interesting thing about this game is that its location based meaning that you will get offers from various locations - you take your idol and physically go to that location to complete the offer such as TV appearance etc. Sounds like a good way to get folks to get out n about ^^;

Even if you are not in Japan, you can still use it as a clock and play with the girls. I'm guessing that they may restrict it to the Japanese iTunes store but a Bothan spy tells me that there is a way around this.
Not sure how much of it will be playable without enabling the app to know your location though.

Check out the game below.

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