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Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2012/03/12 22:50 JST In Figures
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Oh darn! So many figures fell from the ceiling that they are blocking the entrance and I cant get out of the office meaning that I cant get food or go for a poo and die.
But its all cool because you are going to help me take some of it - tis giveaway time again! But its the first time I done it this way so lets start with 1 item first - all you have to do is use the photo annotation tool and put a box around what figure you want - the comment should contain a link to a tweet, facebook, googleplus or pinterest entry that lets your friends or followers know that you want the figure. Something like this:-

I want these figures!

The first comment in this post is an example.

And thats it! You can only choose 1 figure. I will announce a winner by the end of this week and will send you the item directly - I'll stick in a signed business card so that ou can use it to scrape the bottom of you shoe if you stepped in poo ^^;

Good Luck!

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