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Ikea Japan

Posted by Danny Choo On Sat 2012/02/25 23:42 JST In Living in Japan Guide
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Soon after relocating to Japan, you'll want to get some essentials like a dakimakura to keep you company, and maybe some wrist support so that you dont break your arm when working hard at your new job. After that you'll probably want some furniture and some other necessities around your apartment.
In our 13 years of living in Japan, we've never come across anything cheaper than Ikea - cheap and the quality is decent too. I hear many folks knock Ikea but its good enough for us and we've been happy with their stuff for many years now.

Ikea Japan was first established in Japan in 1974 but pulled out in 1986. In 2001, Ikea decided that Winners Never Quit, Quitters Never Win and decided to make a comeback and in 2006 they opened their first store in Funabashi. Now Ikea have 6 stores in Japan - Funabashi, Kohoku, Kobe, Tsuruhama, Shin Misato and Sendai.

Today we take a gander around the Kohoku branch which is located in Kanagawa. If you are going by public transport, you need to take a shuttle bus from Shin Yokohama station or Denen Chofu. If you are going by car then punch in the following into your carnavi.
〒224-0043 神奈川県横浜市都筑区折本町201-1

More access details on this page.

We usually go by car although we are not in the Mirai Itasha today...

We dont usually come on a Saturday but was the only time I could escape from work for a bit.

Come on a weekday night and Ikea is rather empty - come on a weekend and the place is like a theme park! Hundreds of people queuing up for food!

Currently plan on moving office and came to get some inspiration for what we want in the new layout.

Do an image search for Detolf and the only thing you see are figures n hobby stuff ^^;

Do you own a Detolf?

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Most of our furniture now is from Ikea - from the Vika frosted glass tables in the office to the cabinet in our bedroom.

Do you have Ikea furniture in your abode?

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Another nice candidate set of cabinets for figures.

Young chap looking for health material - actually probably not as he gets to see it all the time.

The path through the two floors of Ikea is one designed in a way that makes sure you go through every nook n cranny! Filling up with some energy half way.

Before exploring the first floor however, we go off to grab some of those Ikea hotdogs as we could not be bothered to queue up for hours upstairs.

Ton of folks here too!

All reasonable prices down here - 100 yen for a hot dog.

There's so many people around the hotdog area that folks are just sitting on the floor to eat ^^;

Tastes good!

But which you do prefer? The hotdogs at Ikea or Costco?

Hotdogs are better at...

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Tummy filled and now to explore the first floor.

Probably going with this for the new office.

My favorite section - lighting!

The electrical supplies at Ikea are cheap and decent too.

The 38 bus - thats the bus I took when I lived in London! When I was working as a waiter at Benihana in London, I would catch this bus from Piccadilly which goes to Dalston/Hackney.

My fave plant - got a few in the office.

Self service checkout.

Nabbing some of those hotdogs for tomorrows brekkie!

In Japan, 99% of folks park their cars facing outwards. in America, I noticed that 99% of folks park their cars facing inwards. How about in your kingdom?

Folks in your kingdom park cars...

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