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Taipei Otaku Shops

Posted by Danny Choo On Thu 2012/02/02 13:36 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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If you are traveling in Taiwan, dont limit yourself to exploring what you see overground because they got a ton of goodies underground too! The area around Taipei Station has a huge underground shopping mall called Taiwan City Mall. One of the sections is absolutely filled to the brim with Japanese pop culture - anime and otaku goodness.
If you are heading there, get out the station at exit Y17. The address would be 台北市市民大道一段100號

After Culture Japan Night held at the Good Smile Cafe, I went along with a few readers to check out what can be considered as a small scale Akihabara - figures, gundams, gacha, books, magazines, games, dolls and more.

Taipei City Mall is so cool that they even have their own moe character called Rion (莉洋) voiced by Seiyuu Hanazawa kana!

Gears of War looks awesome.

Familiar figure is familiar.

With the store manager of Oh!Taku who just happened to be a reader ^o^
You cant miss the shop when you are down there but here is the address anyway.

The mascot character for Oh!Taku.

Then its some nom noms before heading off to a maid cafe!

Where do you get most of your hobby stuff?


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