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Harajuku Fashion

Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2012/01/08 14:38 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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Many moons ago I used to work in the fashion industry. During that time, I discovered anime, manga and Japan and decided that I wanted to live and work in the land of the rising sun. I left the fashion industry to pursue my dream but since then I've still kept tabs from time to time and make the occasional fashion accessory too.

Lately, my work has been brining me closer to the fashion industry again and want to start covering fashion topics from time to time. For a start, our regular Culture Japan guest Nagatopyon went along to the fashion district Harajuku to take some snaps of some fashionable bods for us.

Love the green coat/long sleeved combination - something that I'd like to dress my daughter in too ^^;

Love the flairy trousers. I remember I got picked on for wearing flairs at school ^^;

The neckstring seems to be popular of late - 3 lads in this post are wearing them.

Cute mittens, beret and yellow stockings.

Wearing glasses without the glass is another in-thing of late. If I wore glasses without the glass then I'll be walking into lamp posts all the time.

The chains remind me of the ones I used to wear around my belt when I was a teenager.

Large glass frames (without the glass) are popular too.

Nice looking Mirai Millennium type boots on the right!

Love the furry boots, coat and crown hat.

Some of my friends go out in bare legs during the Winter but they always tell me that it isn't cold ^^; Perhaps its all the training that they've had during high school ^^;

Love this style - loose and comfortable.

Nice looking chap - I wish I still had that much hair to play with. But then again I could go for one of these instead ^^;

And this is what I looked like back in 1988. I was 16 at the time ^^; I wore jeans all the time which was held up by an eagle n stripes buckle and you can just about see the chains around my belt too^^;
Can you recognize this pose?


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