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Ultimate Otaku Room

Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2012/01/06 17:34 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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The ultimate otaku room? Dakimakura, wall scrolls, retro gaming machines, custom figures, eroge, doujinshi, Dr Pepper, dedicated Tohou machine and more! This place looks more like a shop or museum! Posted by member Nanashi over at

A room like this is known as an Itabeya [痛部屋[いたべや]]. The kanji "痛" is now commonly used to refer to illustrations of cute 2D girlies being plastered over any type of object - a car for example is called Itasha [痛車[いたしゃ]] - here is an example.

Nanashi enjoys 2011 Christmas with one of his favorite 2D girls.

More evidence that this could be the ultimate otaku room - Sega Dreamcast machines used as plates for caek.

The mortal enemy for an otaku room - photo taken just after the 3.11 Earthquake.

Photos of the room back in Summer 2010.

Nanashi-san's room Christmas 2009.

2009 Summer

The room back in Winer 2008.


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